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Islam: The Arab National Movement


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ISLAM: The Arab National Movement

Islam has caused more damage to the national dignity and honour of non-Arab Moslems than any other calamity that may have affected them, yet they believe that this faith is the ambassador of:

    1. Equality, and
    2. Human love.

    1a. This is a fiction which has been presented as a fact with an unparalleled skill. In fact, the Prophet Muhammad divided humanity into two sections - the Arabs and the non-Arabs. According to this categorisation, the Arabs are the rulers and the non- Arabs are to be ruled through the yoke of the Arab Cultural Imperialism: Islam is the means to realise this dream because its fundamentals raise superiority of Arabia sky-high, inflicting a corresponding inferiority on the national dignity of its non-Arab followers. From the Arabian point of view, this scheme looks marvellous, magnificent and mystifying but it is debilitating, derisory and destructive to the non-Arab Moslems. Yet under its psychological impact they rejoice in self-debasement, hoping to be rewarded by the Prophet with the luxuries of paradise.

    2b. The Islamic love of mankind is a myth of even greater proportions. Hatred of non-Moslems is the pivot of the Islamic existence. It not only declares all dissidents as the denizens of hell but also seeks to ignite a permanent fire of tension between the Moslems and non-Moslems; it is far more lethal than Karl Marx's idea of social conflict which he batched to keep his theory alive.

    In view of its deep-rooted tendency of Arab- glorification, Islam does not qualify as a religion but the Arab National Movement. Its success lies in total brainwashing of its non-Arab believers who begin to deplore their own national roots to adore the Arab sanctity, superiority and supremacy. Its spring is the mythical Intercessory Power of the Prophet Muhammad. This psychological paralysis caused the decline of great Asian nations such as India, Egypt and Iran, which once constituted as the great gushers of civilisation but now rank as members of the "Third World" for losing their national identity and zest under the influence of Islam.

The issue this book discusses is a serious one though mischief-mongers may try to make a religious and political capital out of it. If they are really honest, they must not forget the Koranic principle of debating:
    "Bring your argument, if you are one of the truthful." (The Cow: 111)
Finally, I may add that this essay is a part of my unpublished work: "Culture, The Destiny." It is being printed as a separate book owing to its religious and international significance. The reader may find it repetitive in style but it is deliberate to remind the reader of its salient point.

Anwar Shaikh

Islam: The Arab National Movement

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