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Man has always wondered where he comes from and where he is going. The purpose of life is the greatest enigma that he has encountered. For knowing the truth, he has followed gods, gurus, prophets and pirs but all he has enjoyed is the blessings or ignorance, which the blind faith engenders.

While religion is great for its inventors and the higher members of its hierarchy because of the benefits they derive from it, humanity has suffered division, diversion and degredation from the bigotry, barbarity and butchery that it has advocated throughout centuries.

Man wants peace of mind which has been shattered by the religious prejudices augmented by racial manipulations. The unfulfilment of this desire makes him superstitious, and he hopes for salvation or paradise which is a promise of peace of mind in the world to come.

An active mind fired by the zeal of search is not contented by the golden promises of faith-mongers. He ponders over the universal phenomena and searches for the Reality behind it. This quest for the truth is called Mysticism, which requires social harmony. In addition to religion, the other two factors which cause social disharmony are: sexual conflict and Cultural Strife. LIBERTY seeks to promote the cause of Mysticism with reference to the aforementioned subjects, namely religion, sexual conflict and cultural strife.



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