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Review on Liberty

Professor Hasan Askari, the author of several philosophical treatises, writes:

"Anwar Shaikh's quarterly, LIBERTY, signifies a major intellectual development in the Muslim consciousness in the West which I welcome and would very much like to see grow and stabilise the layout and the format is academic and worthy of serious attention."

"The Journal seems to be addressed to the freethinking person irrespective of his religion or culture. This mode of address in itself, besides its intellectual content, is a far-reaching advance over the current modes of communication which somehow cripple freedom of thought in their very structure."

"The two major essays entitled the Mystery and Free Will are well written, and offer a vast spectrum of thought. I look forward to the expansion of the themes they invoke in subsequent issues of the journal. I feel a fresh air in the words and thoughts of Anwar Shaikh and greet his venture with hope and prayer."

Professor F.K. Ysufzai, M.A., in English and Psychology is a well-known poet of the Urdu and English languages. He writes:

 "I am grateful for Liberty. Who wouldn't be! Your writings command compelling interest. I wish Liberty success. I am astonished at your optimism and courage. I salute you."


Table of Contents

A Review on Anwar Shaikh's ETERNITY  by Dr. David Frawley, U.S.A.
A Review on Anwar Shaikh's ISLAM: The Arab National Movement by Bhagawandas P. Lathi
Anwar Shaikh reviews P. N. Oak's book Islamic Havoc in India
Anwar Shaikh reviews Baljit Rai's book Is India Going Islamic?
Anwar Shaikh reviews Keshav Dev Sharma's book The Question of Culture
Anwar Shaikh reviews Pandit Ram Nath Kak's book Autumn Leaves - Kashmiri Reminiscences
Anwar Shaikh reviews Subhash Kak's book The Secrets of Ishbar - Poems on Kashmir and Other landscapes
Anwar Shaikh reviews Ibn Warraq's book Why I am not a Muslim
Anwar Shaikh reviews Dr. N. S. Rajaram's book A Hindu View of the World


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