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ISLAM: The Arab National Movement

by Anwar Shaikh

Islam: The Arab National Movement

Islam has been projected as the international religion of love and equality, having cure for all the human problems. The truth is that most of its laws are borrowed and irrelevant to modern needs. Small wonder that the Muslim countries pay them lip sympathy but practise Western laws.

When we look into its background and examine its principles, it becomes evident that Islam in fact, is an Arab National Movement which imposes the Arabian cultural and spiritual imperialism on non-Arabs through an unparalleled system of subtlety and sophistication. One has only to look at the histories of India, Egypt and Iran to reach this conclusion.

Islam has become the biggest business for the mullah and an effective source of power for the politician. Therefore, they both are determined to exploit it by exaggerating its significance, and condemning all those, who challenge its validity. This is the reason that they provoke the Muslim masses through fatwas by calling the dissidents "Kafir, Shatim-E-Rasool and Insulters of Islam" whereas, in fact, these exploiters themselves are the enemies of Islam. Most of them even do not believe in Allah and the Prophet as required by the Koran. Hypocrisy is their speciality, which they use well to reap the reward of their evils.

A true Muslim cannot resort to violence on a religious issue because the Koran declares that "there is no coercion in religion, " and commands: "Bring your argument if you are truthful." (Cow: 111)

This book is a challenge to these people. If they are honest, they must come forward to argue their case.


Table of Contents

Nationalism, The Basic Element of Prophethood
The Prophet Muhammad
The Islamic Culture


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