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This is Jehad!
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Islam: The Arab National Movement

 Islam has been projected as the international religion of love and equality, having cure for all the human problems. The truth is that most of its laws are borrowed and irrelevant to modern needs. Small wonder that the Muslim countries pay them lip sympathy but practise Western laws.

When we look into its background and examine its principles, it becomes evident that Islam in fact, is an Arab National Movement which imposes the Arabian cultural and spiritual imperialism on non-Arabs through an unparalleled system of subtlety and sophistication. One has only to look at the histories of India, Egypt and Iran to reach this conclusion.

Islam has become the biggest business for the mullah and an effective source of power for the politician. Therefore, they both are determined to exploit it by exaggerating its significance, and condemning all those, who challenge its validity. This is the reason that they provoke the Muslim masses through fatwas by calling the dissidents "Kafir, Shatim-E-Rasool and Insulters of Islam" whereas, in fact, these exploiters themselves are the enemies of Islam. Most of them even do not believe in Allah and the Prophet as required by the Koran. Hypocrisy is their speciality, which they use well to reap the reward of their evils.

A true Muslim cannot resort to violence on a religious issue because the Koran declares that "there is no coercion in religion, " and commands: "Bring your argument if you are truthful." (Cow: 111)

This book is a challenge to these people. If they are honest, they must come forward to argue their case.

I.S.B.N. 0951 334948
Modestly priced at 4: 99

Islam: Sex & Violence

Allah thinks of unbelievers as *"the worst animals" and thus declares Himself to be "the enemy of infidels." So odious is His detestation of those, who do not believe in Him, that He orders their murder and pillage on a permanent basis. To complete this most horrendous plan, He offers for these misdeeds rewards of paradise, the most luxurious place for the choicest carnal pleasures. Thus, sex and violence rank as the two pillars of the Islamic faith.

Islam and Human Rights

The present publication contains several individual articles, all related to Islam and India. One of the chapters deals with human rights in Islam, making it quite clear at the outset that non-Muslims have no rights in Islam. This particular chapter also deals with rights of women in Islam. No doubt India's left-front leaders will have a great deal of information that were hitherto unknown to them.

Then there is a full chapter on Jehad. This article will remove a lot of misinformation that the secular (in reality anti-Indian or treasonous) Muslims harp on all the time. They have been telling us that Jehad in Islam means, like in Hinduism, effort or struggle to control one's lusts, passions and desire and so on. Anwar Shaikh is more honest. He lays out Islam's Jehad as it actually is. And that is, in simple language,'Kill the kafir, take his woman as a slave, loot his property'.

His third article deals with Intercession. Only the Prophet Muhammad (saliullah aliya wassallam or peace be upon Him) can intercede and his intercession is final. It is Muhammad who can send a rapist, a thief or a killer to Jannat, Muslims' heaven where seventy-two houries and many handsome boys await the Jehadi for whom the Prophet intercedes. It has nothing to do with the good conduct of the candidate during his stay on this earth. These are new words which had been hidden from the non-Muslims thus far giving rise to falsehoods such es 'all religions are the same' or sarva dharma sama bhava on which falsehood the kafir Hindus relied and the Mohammedans laughed in their sleeves.

There are more, many more on such subjects as 'Idolatry and Islam' or 'India and Democracy'. No doubt our people have a lot to catch up on. Verily, Anwar Shaikh has been a gift from God for our people. Please read on before the crooks ban the book.

This is Jehad!

And they say: None entereth Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian. These are their own desires. Say: Bring your proof  (of what ye state) if ye are truthful.

(Surah II - The Cow: III)

The present publication is a continuation of the Author's previous work titled ISLAM and HUMAN RIGHTS with special emphasis on what is vaguely known as Jehad among the unbelievers. This publi-cation, for the first time, lays bare Jehad as it truly is, a mighty pillar of Islam and without which Islam would lose a major part of its grandeur, greatness and raison d'etre.

The normal civilized behavior of mankind loses its meaning when put under the measuring devices of Jehad. Thus, for a mujahid or jehadi, it is not only required to slaughter the unbeliever, even a peaceful unbeliever, kidnap and rape his women, enslave his children, all for the only reason of his unbelief Allah has already divided mankind into two parts: the be-lievers and the unbelievers. One is Allah's party and the other is Satan's party and an unending war between them is ordered by Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah. And in this war, there is no established acceptable conduct, comparable to what is stated in the Mahabharatam, at the time of the great battle of Kurukshetra. In Allah's battle, anything goes and no matter who wins on the battle field, the members of Allah's palm are sure to win. They are the ones who will enjoy the damsels in Paradise and their oppo-nents, however just, will burn in Hell fire.

The subject is immense and it is where the Mo-hammedan writers of India, work overtime to cover up the truth of the subject in order to keep the igno-rance level of all non-believers at the highest level. Do not be surprised to hear new explanations of the conduct of the Mohammedans in our land, it is all a game of bluffing the sinful kafirs for bluffing the en-emy kafir is accepted by Muhammad and Allah for the simple reason that all war is deception and thus deception is what the Musalman does at the outset and follows the example set by the Prophet. They have new meanings for mutilations of a live captive enemy jawan, or gouging out of his eyes; Allah has permitted such conduct and there is no room for the Geneva Conventions. In fact, it is not even necessary for the Musalman to take part in international bodies like the United Nations. All their obligations are totally fulfilled as long as the umma goes by the laws of the Sharia'.

Islam: The Arab Imperialism

 Muslims from all over the world are feared as terrorists in the Western world. Is it a propaganda or misunderstanding? It is neither. Frankly stated, it is the truth. 

Islam has divided humankind into two perpetually hostile groups, i.e. the Muslims and the non-Muslims. The former have the duty to hate their own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and countrymen if they practise a different faith. The Muslims must force the infidels to embrace Islam, using any means including murder, rape, loot, arson, deception and treason. 

Until a country has embraced Islam, it is legally considered a battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb) and the Muslims are obliged to betray their own motherland through civil and military action. Once it is converted to the Muslim ideology, it ranks as a Land of Peacxe (Dar-us-Salaam) but at a very high cost to one's national pride because then it exists as a spiritual and cultural satellite of Arabia. This is what makes Islam the subtle tool of Arab Imperialism. 

Islamic ideology, which is based on intense hatred of the non-Muslims, is beginning to loom as Islamophobia in the West. The recent Osostlander Report on fundamentalism by the European Parliament has recognised this peril. Though it has been suppressed by the majority vote for the time being, its spectre shall rise again and again until the Muslims start respecting the human rights of free speech and action. 


has provoked the Muslim clerics of Great Britain to issue a fatwa against the author.

What is "Eternity" all about?

It exposes the old spiritual myths and presents a new hope of life and happiness.

 "Eternity" is feared by the faith-mongers but admired by those who are anxious to know:

    a. Where do we come from?
    b. Do we have a destination?
    c. Are we on the right path to reach the destination?
    d. If not, then what is the right way to achieve the final goal of life?

(I.S.B.N. 0 951 3349 21 )
Price 12:99 plus 2.00 S&H. 

Taxation and Liberty

A highly eulogised book which states: "The higher the incidence of taxation the lower the magnitude of liberty."

(I.S.B.N. 0 951 3349 0 5 )
Hardback of 450 pages (Price 19:95)

Faith and Deception

Published in March, 1996, this book is an original philosophical work of high magnitude. It demonstrates that life has a purpose which can be achieved through exercise of Free Will only. Intercession is just a ploy for attracting followers. This is the first book ever to offer an analytical study of the Koran. Can the world of Islam answer it, or will there be another fatwa against the author?

This paperback treasure of knowledge and logical enquiry, which consists of 240 pages, costs only 12:00 (I.S.B.N. 0 9513349 5 6)

Anwar Shaikh's Quarterly Publication LIBERTY

Professor Hasan Askari, the author of several philosophical treatises, writes:

"Anwar Shaikh's quarterly, LIBERTY, signifies a major intellectual development in the Muslim consciousness in the West which I welcome and would very much like to see grow and stabilise the layout and the format is academic and worthy of serious attention."

"The Journal seems to be addressed to the freethinking person irrespective of his religion or culture. This mode of address in itself, besides its intellectual content, is a far-reaching advance over the current modes of communication which somehow cripple freedom of thought in their very structure."

"The two major essays entitled "the Mystery" and "Free Will" are well written, and offer a vast spectrum of thought. I look forward to the expansion of the themes they invoke in subsequent issues of the journal. I feel a fresh air in the words and thoughts of Anwar Shaikh and greet his venture with hope and prayer."

Professor F.K.Ysufzai, M.A., in English and Psychology is a well-known poet of the Urdu and English languages. He writes:

 "I am grateful for Liberty. Who wouldn't be! Your writings command compelling interest. I wish Liberty success. I am astonished at your optimism and courage. I salute you."

Anwar Shaikh's quarterly publication Liberty and his books can be ordered from:

The Principality Publishers
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Annual Subscription for Liberty is 16.

The books can also be ordered directly from A. Ghosh Publishers


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