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Anwar Shaikh is no ordinary mortal. Born in a Kashmiri Brahmin family, forced-converted to Islam during the sultanate days, he grew up to be a scholar in Islamic subjects, in Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages. During the heady days of Jinnah's Pakistan movement, he was much younger then, he took part in activities leading to the partitioning of the subcontinent. Later he woke up to the harms that the division had done to the country and its people. He has since engaged himself to the study of the Vedas to analyse where did the Hindus go wrong. The Hindus' total ignorance of the Islamic creed as well as that of the Vedas contributed enormously to the catastrophe. His articles throw light on Islam from many angles with respect to India and its inherent attributes. Anwar Shaikh is not only an analyst of contemporary history, he is also a poet, writer, philosopher of renown, both in Urdu and English. His understanding of the Koran as well as the behavioral transformation among the converted Muslims of the subcontinent, is unique. His publications are now well-known among the esoteric as well as the general public.

A citizen of Great Britain for many years now, Mr. Shaikh is settled in Cardiff of Wales. The fundamentalists of Islam have announced several fatwas on his head but to no avail. Since the demise of Iran's Khomeini, no mullah has yet dared the Shaikh in a debate, leaving the field free and unencumbered to men like Anwar Shaikh. That is a blessing for mankind!


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