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Islam and Human Rights


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Islam and Human Rights
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It is a historical truth that the Hindus of India, in spite of the fact that the Mohammedans of all hues, the Afghans, Persians, Arabs, Turks and so on, had one time or another held sway on parts of India for long periods, know nothing of the Koran and the Hadis.They have no idea at all about what the Bible of the Mohammedans tells its followers, all of whom now claim to have Arabs as their ancestors, as justifying reason for owing no loyalty to India.

Why was that? Simply because a Hindu was not permitted to read that book, or even touch it, under pain of death. Even if they had been allowed to read it, it was no easy task to delve into the 'holy book for it was written in Arabic, from end to end. And no one, or nearly no one, knew any Arabic at all.

But those few who had some knowledge of the Koran kept it to themselves and did not share the knowledge with their fellow-men and women. If they had, they would have known, as we know today that the Koran reeks with hatred of non-Moham-medans, all non-Mohammedans. In fact, Islam can truly be called an acronym for Intolerance, Slaughter, Loot (or Anfal), Arson and Molestation of kafir women. If you don't believe it, just cast v our eves to Mohammedan countries around you.

What was preposterous was the fact that the Hindu leaders know nothing or next to nothing about the contents of the Ko-ran but wax eloquent on Islam being the same as Hinduism; they tell us that all religions are the same. By so doing, they eliminate that natural self-protecting aptitudes of the Hindu and make things much easier for the blood thirsty, fornication-prone rowdies that had once ruled India. Things have not changed yet. The local Indian Mohammedans now tell us all kinds of fairy tales about the human values that the Koran preaches. And India today is flooded with such story tellers like the Ali Engineers, the Zakarias, the Shahabuddins, the All Mians and so on.

It is a stroke of luck that we have the good fortune of listen-ing to a man like Anwar Shaikh, who openly advises us about the
true nature of Islam, its views on human rights, Jehad, interces-sion, idolatry and democracy. Please read up what the author has to say on such subjects and avoid the unpleasantness of horrible surprises. And do you know that Mr. Shaikh has a number of Fatwas on his head, all issued by this so called humane faith and not one of the mullahs has dared to take him on for a debate on the subject of Islam. How long are we going to be ruled by fools?

(The Publisher)
Texas, USA.
Divali, 1999.



Islam and Human Rights


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