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In dedication to the memory of the millions of men women and children slaughtered by Islamic hordes for the simple reason that they never did understand the real meaning of Islam and so behaved like little children lost in a turbulence, their leaders, all this time, conducting themselves like irresponsible, stupid and blind idiots, hoping against hope that Islam was almost like Lord Buddha's Ahimsa!

Table of Contents

Publisher's Foreword
Islam and Human Rights
Islamic Jehad
Islam & Intercession
Idolatry, Islam and India
India and Democracy
Thus Spake Anwar Shaikh



The present publication contains several individual articles, all related to Islam and India. One of the chapters deals with human rights in Islam, making it quite clear at the outset that non-Muslims have no rights in Islam. This particular chapter also deals with rights of women in Islam. No doubt India's left-front leaders will have a great deal of information that were hitherto unknown to them.

Then there is a full chapter on Jehad. This article will remove a lot of misinformation that the secular (in reality anti-Indian or treasonous) Muslims harp on all the time. They have been telling us that Jehad in Islam means, like in Hinduism, effort or struggle to control one's lusts, passions and desire and so on. Anwar Shaikh is more honest. He lays out Islam's Jehad as it actually is. And that is, in simple language,'Kill the kafir, take his woman as a slave, loot his property'.

His third article deals with Intercession. Only the Prophet Muhammad (saliullah aliya wassallam or peace be upon Him) can intercede and his intercession is final. It is Muhammad who can send a rapist, a thief or a killer to Jannat, Muslims' heaven where seventy-two houries and many handsome boys await the Jehadi for whom the Prophet intercedes. It has nothing to do with the good conduct of the candidate during his stay on this earth. These are new words which had been hidden from the non-Muslims thus far giving rise to falsehoods such es 'all religions are the same' or sarva dharma sama bhava on which falsehood the kafir Hindus relied and the Mohammedans laughed in their sleeves.

There are more, many more on such subjects as 'Idolatry and Islam' or 'India and Democracy'. No doubt our people have a lot to catch up on. Verily, Anwar Shaikh has been a gift from God for our people. Please read on before the crooks ban the book.


ISBN 1-880628-15-5
First Published in 1998
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