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ISLAM: The Arab Imperialism

Table of Contents

What is a Prophet?
The Prophet Muhammad
The Nature of Prophethood
The Purpose of Prophethood
Muhammad, The Politician (1)
Prophet and Nationalism (2)
Islam, The Self-Perpetuating Tool of Arab Imperialism
The Clash of Prophets

Islam: The Arab Imperialism


1. The Koran

2. The Hadith:

    a. Sahih Al-Bukhari
      Nine volumes (Arabic-English)
      published by Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi
    b. Jame Tirmzi
      Two volumes (Arabic-Urdu) published
      by Muhammad Ali, Karkhana Islami
      Kutub, Urdu Bazaar, Karachi.
    c. Sahih Mulsim
      Four volumes (English translation)
      published by Nusrat Ali Nasri for
      Kitab Bhavan, New Delhi, India.
    d. Sunun Ibn-E-Majah
      Two volumes (Arabic-Urdu)
      published by Farid Bookstall, Urdu
      Bazaar, Lahore, Pakistan.
    e. Mishkaat Sharif
      Three volumes (Arabic-Urdu)
      published by Farid Bookstall, Urdu
      Bazaar, Lahore, Pakistan.
3. The Bible

4. The Hymns of the RgVeda annotated by Prof. Ralph T. H. Griffith.

    a. The Hymns of the Atharvaveda (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) annotated by Prof. Ralph T. H. Griffith.

    b. The Texts of the White Yajurveda annotated by Prof. Ralph T. H. Griffith.

5. Selections from Hindu Scriptures - Series no. 3 Rigveda, published and distributed by Prof. G.C.Asnani.

6. Encyclopaedia Britannica - 15th edition, 30 volumes.

7. The Story of Civilisation (Our Oriental Heritage, 3 volumes) by W. Durant.

8. Family of Man, the Marshall Cavendish Encyclopaedia (98 weekly parts).

9. Palestine and the Arab-lsrael Conflict by Charles Smith.

10. Israel and the Palestinian edited by Martin Wright.

11. The Life of Mahomet by Sir William Muir.

12. The Bedouin by Shirley Kay.

13. The Two Yemens by Robin Bidwell.

14. History of the Arabs by Philip K. Hitti.

15. Changing India by Robert W. Stern.

16. The Peacock Throne, The Drama of Mughal India by Waldemar Hansen.

17. The New Cambridge History of India (5 volumes) by

    C. A. Bayly ( 11.1 )
    M. N. Pearson ( 1.1. )
    P. J. Marshall ( 11.2 )
    Kenneth W. Jones ( 111.1 )
18. The Egyptians by Barbara Watterson.

19. The Cambridge History of Africa, Vol. 2 (c. 500 B.C. - A.D. 1050)

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Islam: The Arab Imperialism


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