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ISLAM: The Arab Imperialism

Table of Contents

What is a Prophet?
The Prophet Muhammad
The Nature of Prophethood
The Purpose of Prophethood
Muhammad, The Politician (1)
Prophet and Nationalism (2)
Islam, The Self-Perpetuating Tool of Arab Imperialism
The Clash of Prophets

Islam: The Arab Imperialism


Muhammad was not the only person in Arabia, who had claimed to be the Prophet of God. There was Taliha, chief of the Bani Asad, who was acknowledged to have power of divination. He was defeated by Khalid in a severe engagement. Museilima was another contender in this field. He worked miracles and claimed to have been sent by Allah to share the dignity of Prophethood with Muhammad. He went so far as to assert that Muhammad had recognised his claim. Eventually, he was killed in the battle of Al- Yemama, which could have proved disastrous to the survival of Islam. Al-Aswad, known as the Veiled Prophet of Yemen, was yet another claimant in this field. Though brave and a willing fighter, he was arrogant and thus, lacked popular appeal. He was brought to his end by a spate of intrigues skilfully conducted by the followers of Islam.

Existence of several Prophets at the same time in the same country shows that Prophethood has nothing to do with Allah; it is simply a contrivance to hypnotise people through supernatural ruses. God would not have sent so many Prophets to the Arabs at the same time. These men were, obviously, self-designated Prophets. Muhammad won because he adopted national approach, which appealed to the patriotic men of his age like Abu Bakr and Umar, whose combined efforts not only saved Islam from extinction but also substantially contributed towards its glory. The other contestants in this field lost owing to their parochial approach. On the contrary, Muhammad's design was not only nationalistic but also highly ambitious because it promised imperial dignity to the Arabs, who had known nothing except destitution, distress and degradation. This was the dream that only a man of Muhammad's stature could make come true. His success surely proves the evolutionary maxim: survival of the fittest. It had nothing to do with Allaah, who himself depended on Muhammad for glorifying Him. Let us look into his plan of the Arabian Imperialism:

He claimed that he was a Prophet of God, and there was nothing unusual about his claim because:

    "Every nation has its Messenger; then
    When their messenger comes, justly,
    the issue is decided between them, and
    they are not wronged." (Jonah, X: 45)
This theme is also repeated in 2: 148. Obviously, a Prophet comes to a people to settle all their issues justly with the purpose of uniting them into a vigorous nation. However, according to the Koran, the effective way of securing national unity is through the appointment of a Kibla i.e. the direction of worshipping God: when all faithful adore the acknowledged Deity facing in the same direction, they demonstrate their oneness. This is the reason that hadith no. 20 of Bokhari, Vol. 6, says that every nation has its Kibla. It is also confirmed by the Koran.

The Prophet had declared Jerusalem, the most sacred Jewish City, as the Kibla for the Arab Muslims, but after treating it as such for about sixteen months, he changed it for Kaaba, a sanctuary of Mecca, the Prophet's hometown. I shall discuss the implications of adopting Jerusalem as the Muslim Kibla in the next chapter, but here I may add that this change was dictated by the Prophet's urge to serve his national purpose. The Koran, states:

    "The fools among the people will say,
    'what has turned them from the direction
    they were facing in their prayers aforetime?'
    Say, To God belong the East and the West
    He guides whomsoever He will
    to a straight path."
    We have seen thee (Muhammad) turning thy face
    about in the heaven; now we surely turn thee to a
    direction that shall satisfy Thee (Muhammad)
    Turn thy face towards the Holy Mosque (Kaaba);
    and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it."
    (The Cow, II: 135-40)
From these verses, it is clear that the change of Kibla from Jerusalem to Kaaba was affected by Allah not of His own will but at the solicitations of Muhammad, who was seen by Allah "turning thy face about in the heavens (skies)." The hadith no. 5903 (Muslims) shows that it was originally suggested by Umar, the Second Caliph, who was murdered by a Persian slave because he thought of him (Umar) as a racist.

Fancy Allah's argument here: "to God belong the East and the West." If the East and the West have equal significance, then why is He forcing people to change direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Kaaba? Why can't they face in the direction they like? This step was taken by the Prophet in the guise of Allah to serve the interests of the Arab Imperialism. In fact, the change of Kibla has exerted a disastrous effect on the Jewish destiny and may have lethal consequences for human history, too. However, it has been a great boon for the Arab Imperialism.

The Prophet Muhammad possessed tremendous political skills. Having said that every nation has its own Prophet, he asserted that it was different in his case because he was The Prophet not only for the Arabs but also for ALL nations:

    "Every Prophet is appointed for his own nation but I
    have been appointed the prophet for all nations."
    (Mishkat, 5500, Vol.3)
When this claim of the prophet's universality is coupled with the change of Kibla from Jerusalem to Kaaba, then we realise the depth of Muhammad's wisdom. It means that non-Arab Muslims cannot have their own Kibla, which serves as the pivot of national honour and unity. They must treat the Arabian Kibla as their own Kibla and thus accept the Arabian law and culture to renounce their own national traditions. Do you know what it means in practice? Here is the explanation:

This act raised Mecca to the highest spiritual reverence. Muslims from all nations, both high and low, prostrate towards it, not five times a day, but every moment owing to the ever-changing time-zones of this planet. The act of habitual prostration enslaves their psyches, making them unconsciously obedient to Mecca; it decreases their power of reasoning, correspondingly increasing their intensity of faith, to worship the birth-place of Muhammad. It is amazing how Muslims beg Muhammad to intercede with Allah for His mercy both in this world and the world to come. Ordinarily one nation has to subdue another nation with the force of arms; the vanquished dislike the victor and want to be free, but in this case, all non-Arab Muslims shed tears of devotion to be accepted as the Arabian cultural slaves! Is it not a classical example of a lamb, begging the butcher to lead him to the slaughterhouse? This is the wisdom of Muhammad - may peace be upon him.

Being aware of human frailties, the Prophet exerted further psychological pressure on his non-Arab followers so that they must subordinate their own culture to that of Arabia. He achieved this goal by raising the spiritual prestige of the Arab institutions. Here is a brief account:

1. Kaaba is the House of God because the Almighty had commanded Adam to build it for Him, and it was also rebuilt by Abraham.

2. A Muslim's grave must be dug in a way that when his body is buried, it must face towards Mecca.

3. So sacred is Mecca that nobody must defecate himself facing this City. He who does so is a Kafir (infidel).

4. Allah speaks Arabic, and the Koran is also in Arabic, which is a very difficult language; all Muslims must learn it to be blessed. Fancy how biased Allah is in favour of Arabia.

5. The hadith no. 5751 (Mishkat, Vol. 3) reports the Prophet saying:

    "Love the Arabs for three reasons because (1) I am
    an Arab (2) the Holy Koran is in Arabic and (3) the
    tongue of the dwellers of paradise shall also be
6. Kaaba is the centre of Allah's blessings because it is here that 120 Divine Benedictions descend every day, and are then distributed to the rest of the world!

7. Ibne Majah reports in hadith no. 1463, that a Namaz i.e. prayer in the Mosque-in-Medina brings 100 times more blessings than a similar prayer in other mosques, and a prayer in the Kaaba invokes 100,000 benedictions compared to a similar worship in other mosques!

8. Even the Arabian graveyards known as Jannat-ul-Mualla and Jannat-ul-Baquee are the most sacred. According to a hadith, they look shining to the dwellers of the skies the same way as sun and moon appear to the people of the earth. Those who are buried there, shall enter paradise without any accountability and each of them shall be privileged to intercede for seventy thousand people!

9. Read the following verse:

    "(O Prophet) tell people if you really love
    Allah, follow me, and if you act like this, then
    Allah will love you, too, and He will forgive your
    sins ..." (The House of Imran, III: 30)
When read with the hadith ( 5 ) quoted above, one comes to the conclusion that to be a Muslim, a non- Arab believer has to live as an Arab to qualify for Allah's love and pardon!

10. It is a part of the Islamic faith that every Muslim, no matter where he lives, must come to Mecca for pilgrimage, at least once in a life-time, provided he has the means to do so.

Over two million Muslims from all over the world come to Mecca every year to perform the Hajj ceremony. Probably, the same numbers gather there to observe the Umra rites during the year. These ceremonies generate so much wealth for the Arabs that, considering their population, they can maintain standards of living compatible with those of the Western Europeans.

The Hajj ceremony has been a part of the Arab culture from time immemorial; it has developed from the Indian principles of idolatry such as Trimurti, Sabeanism, local superstitions and Greek influences. There is no historical proof that the temple of Kaaba was ever rebuilt by Abraham. Even during the early times of Muhammad, it was the centre of idol-worship along with the age-old custom of kissing the Hajr-E-Aswad, which the Prophet encouraged because of its deep association with the Arab national culture. This pagan practice which appealed to the Arabs, certainly helped the Prophet to gain converts for his faith.

The Hajj ceremony belongs to the pre-Islamic times. It is as much representative of idolatry today as it ever was. People perform the rites of kissing the Black Stone including the seven circuits of the Kaaba, which are considered emblematical relic of the stars' revolutions associated with the traditions of the heathen Yemen.

What is true of Hajj, equally applies to Allah Himself. It was the name of the Chief idol of Kaaba associated with Quresh, the tribe of Muhammad. The Prophet's father's name was Abd Allah i.e. the servant of Allah for this reason. He retained this name for his God because of its appeal to the Quresh. Again, Allah was an Arabian God, and everybody swore by His name irrespective of religion.

By such schemes the Prophet bestowed a greater sanctity on Mecca than the Jews could ever associate with the Temple of Jerusalem. The divineness of Mecca imbued the Arabs with an aura of holiness, which was made distinct by such hadiths that all Muslims must love Arabia, and those who begrudge it, they shall be deprived of the Prophet's intercessory blessings, and thus rot in hell.

In this Master Plan of Arabism, the Prophet kept himself right on the top: even though he calls himself a mortal and the servant of Allah, it is Allah, who along with His angels, prays peace to Muhammad i.e. worships him. Therefore, love and obedience to Muhammad is the true Islam and Allah becomes a mere euphemism for Muhammad, who has such a strong grip on Him that belief in Allah means nothing at all without acknowledging Muhammad!

The best way of practising Islam is to treat Muhammad as the Model of Behaviour:

    "You (Muslims) have had a good example in God's
    Messenger ( Muhammad ) for whosoever hopes for
    God and the Last Day."
    (The Confederates, XXXIII: 20)
It means, imitating the Prophet even in minor details i.e. one must think, feel and act as the Prophet did; one must develop the same tastes and habits as the Prophet had; one must even eat, drink, talk, walk, sleep and look like him in dress and general appearance.

When we further ponder over the issue under discussion, it transpires that this doctrine i.e. the Prophet as the Model of Behaviour, is the true force, which makes Islam, the Self-Perpetuating Arab Imperialism because such a confession inspires a Muslim with the duty to treat the Prophet's principles and practices as his true guide of action. Here is a very brief sketch of the Prophet's basic principles and practices:

The fundamental principle of Islam is "divide and rule," which splits humanity socially and politically. It seeks to perpetuate itself through a permanent strife based on the distinction of Momin (the Muslim) and Kafir (the non- Muslim). The Koran in The Disputer, LVIII: 20, states this fact in undisputable terms: the non-Muslims have been labelled as the "Satan's Party" and the followers of Allah and Muhammad are designated as "God's Party."

Further, the Koran calls members of the "Satan's Party" as "despicable" and declares that "they are surely the losers" but about "God's Party," it adds:

    "They are the people who do not love anyone who
    opposes God and His Messenger, not even if they
    were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or
    their clan.... He (Allah) shall admit them into
    Gardens underneath which rivers flow, therein to
    dwell for ever, God being well-pleased with them,
    and they well-pleased with Him. Those are surely
    God's Party ... they are the prosperers."
For a clear understanding of these verses, the following facts may be noted carefully:
    1. Members of the "Satan's Party" are bound to be losers. They are despicable because they do not acknowledge Allah and Muhammad.

    2. Members of "God's Party" are the people, who do not love the opponents of Allah and Muhammad, even if they happen to be their fathers, sons, brothers or members of their nation (clan). These are the people, who will prosper in this life and shall be admitted into paradise in the next world.

Here is the permanent division of Muslims and non- Muslims based on everlasting social and political conflict, assuring the Muslims the final victory. However, a person cannot join God's Party until he completely severs his relationship with his parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and countrymen, if they do not accept Islam: This is the bane of all non-Arab countries where Islam entered by virtue of sword, migration or propaganda. In such lands, it becomes the duty of all converts to Islam that they must accept the Arab cultural hegemony, that is, subordinate all their national institutions to those of Arabia, adopt Islamic law, learn Arabic and Arab manners; love Mecca and Arabs to acknowledge Muhammad as the Model of Behaviour because being an Arab he loved and enforced everything that was Arabian. Still worse, they must hate their own culture and motherland to such an extent that it becomes Dar-ul-Harb, i.e. a living battlefield. In practice it means that they must set up an opposite camp in their own motherland and fight their own countrymen until they all surrender to the Arab Cultural Imperialism by embracing Islam. It is then and only then that the country becomes Dar-ul-Islam i.e. the Land of Peace; otherwise it remains a battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb) where murder and rape of the non-Muslims ranks as good; lying, cheating and dishonesty are considered necessary evils and hence, form part of the indigenous Muslim morality. Motherland! What Motherland? The land of one's birth where one grows up, lives and finds the last refuge, is deemed as the biggest joke under the magic of Arabian influence. These non-Arab Muslims develop a special sense of contempt for their own cultures and motherlands under the pretence of believing in the Muslim nationhood, which is just a mirage, a misconception, a morbid condition of the mind.

To realise this truth, look at Egypt, the land of the mighty pharaohs, whose imperial excellence spanned over 3000 years. This wonderful land of science, art, culture and godly manners, came down with a thud to touch its nadir when Islam took over its destiny. There are no Egyptians anymore. They all have become Arabs!

Or go through the pages of the Iranian history. Their majestic rule lasted for many centuries. So great was their empire that it was not excelled in size and grandeur until the British appeared on the international scene some three hundred years ago. There is a good deal that they contributed to the development of the Roman law, Greek culture and Asian traditions. They produced spiritual leaders like Zaratushtra whose deliberations were to influence Judaism and Christianity. But when Islam invaded Persia, the Arabs seized all her riches through a well-conceived system of plunder, which also included beautiful, delicate women, the throbs of the Iranian poets, whose plaudits, praises and panegyrics had contributed richness to the traditions of chivalry both in Asia and Europe. Thereafter, Iran was no more. All its political and cultural glory was decimated by the Iranians themselves, who, as a result of the Arabian grafting, started hating their own culture, which has raised them to the pinnacle of glory. They wanted to be Muslims instead of Iranians to qualify for the beautiful virgins, the pretty boys and smooth wines, mentioned in the Koran. Changing their own prophets, Zaratushtra and Mani with blasphemy, they constructed a new mythology known as Shiaism, which is totally based on the logo, love and lore of the Arab heroes, especially the immediate family members of the prophet Muhammad. Since then, the Iranians have lost their ethos. Aversion to what Iran stood for, has deprived them of the greatness, which only one's own national traditions can guarantee. They are no longer the Iranians that they used to be. Nothing inspires them unless it is based on the sycophancy of Arabia. The recent Islamic Revolution of Imam Khomeni testifies to this truth.

India is yet another major victim of Islam. The day Muhammad bin Qasim, entered Sindh as a conqueror, must rank as the most ominous, odious and outrageous moment in the history of India, whose proud, pious and powerful traditions have been the torch-bearer of world civilisation. The Indians, used to enjoying the warmth of ahimsa, were stunned by the violence that the Arab raiders displayed in robbing the rich and seducing the indigenous damsels. Yet the irony was that they did all this in the name of the Most Compassionate and Just Allah, who counts these felonies as acts of fairness when they are committed to torture the unbelievers. Then, this land that had become indifferent to the vicissitudes of history owing to a very long period of prosperity and plentitude, was attracted by more Islamic predators, who rushed in through the Khaiber Pass to loot her wealth, dishonour her daughters and crush her ethos that had stood the test of time despite its proneness to physical comforts and spiritual mirages such as ahimsa.

It should be noted that the harm done by these murderers, looters and seducers as conquerors, may be forgotten, but the wound inflicted by their ideology i.e. Islam, which brought them to India, cannot be effaced from memory because instead of healing, this hurt has turned into an incurable abscess. Though 95% of all Muslims descend from the original population and the remaining 5% also qualify as Indians owing to their permanent residence over the centuries, they all want to be considered as a separate Muslim nation, dedicated to the belief that their motherland is a Dar-ul- Harb. It is this iniquitous philosophy, which caused the partition of India. What the Arabs failed to do themselves, the Arabian doctrine of Divide and Rule has done for them. This is why Islam is the self-perpetuating Arab Imperialism; it needs no swords, no guns: its hypnotic appeal, which mentally and emotionally reduces man to the level of monkey, serves as the Power to achieve the impossible.

One should remember that Islam is the ambassador of permanent religious, social and political strife; it declares:

    "Fight those who believe not in God and the Last
    Day ... until they pay the tribute out of hand
    and have been humbled." (Repentance, LX: 25)
This readiness for war aiming at humbling the non-Muslims, has been the driving force of Islam, but it may cease to exist if there was another Prophet to come. Only fools will think that the Prophet Muhammad was not wise enough to be conscious of such a drawback. He not only saw it but plugged this loophole with his usual sagacity. He declared himself to be the Last of Prophets i.e. there would be no Prophets after him, and therefore nobody could change his Law of Strife based on the hatred of one's own motherland until it became Dar-ul-Salaam. Here lies the crux: a nation is liable to hatred, hurt and humiliation if it does not embrace Islam, but when it does, it becomes the cultural slave of Arabia because it has to renounce all its national traditions to accept Muhammad as the Model of Behaviour, which requires adopting the ways of Muhammad, whose every breath seems to have been devoted to the glory of Arabia. What an unbeatable stratagem of imperialism it is!

However, I ought to point out that this doctrine of the "Last Prophethood" contradicts the basic principle of the Koran, which claims that Allah sends Prophets to guide human-kind. See for yourself:

    "Yet there shall come to you guidance from Me."
    (The Cow, II: 35)
This is Allah speaking to Adam, who is being ousted from paradise for his insolence. This is what seeks to establish the doctrine of revelation through a Prophet. If people needed guidance before Muhammad through different Prophets during all ages, why should they be deprived of this blessing after Muhammad, whose message has been completely vandalised by his own followers to enhance their personal interests. Again, why could not Allah have sent only one Prophet for all times right in the beginning to avoid prejudices and wars that the faiths preached by different Prophets create? If there is God, He cannot even imagine this kind of mischief, which is destructive to His creatures. To be respectable, God must act in an honourable manner.

Since every culture has its own traditions, Prophethood, as a part of the Middle Eastern culture, has a validity for its own people. But thrusting it on other nations as Islam does for establishing Arab hegemony, is aggressive and undesirable. On the contrary, the Mosaic Prophethood is harmless because the Jews do not seek conversion through propaganda, persecution and promises.

Still worse is the Islamic attitude that preaches destruction of the Jews as part of faith and means of salvation. It has caused such an inhuman animosity between the Muslim and Jewish groups that it is likely to threaten survival of the human race. Let us ponder over this point in the next chapter.

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Islam: The Arab Imperialism


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