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This is Jehad!

This is Jehad!

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It is quite clear now that the primary reason why India went down in the face of Islamic onslaught, was not only due to the inadequacy in the fighting ability of our people. There were men like Rana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh and many others. The real reason was a lack of fighting spirit made even worse by our spiritual leaders. The Gandhis, the Nehrus and many others who knew nothing of our Vedas, our Puranas. They concocted their own 'panch-sheel' and 'sarva-dharma-sama-bhava' edicts and let the people go to ruin. The goal of such leaders has always been to look after themselves and not the country and its people.

Gandhi, the bania from Kathiawad, would sacrifice the country if the people would not listen to him and stand by his ideology of harakiri by 'ahimsa paramo dharmah' in the face of killers like Babur, Jahangir, Shah Jehan, Aurangzeb or even Suhrawardv. India is not the only country that had been subjugated by alien forces for several centuries. Spain and Yugoslavia went through similar misfortune under the Saracens and the Ottomans. But they overcame their adversity. A similar misfortune was about to take over the French when Abdel Rahman attacked France in 732 A.V. at Tours situated at the center of France. The tactics of the Mohammedans were the same tactics of Jehad: Loot, slaughter, rape and arson. But fortunately for the French, their leader was no Mohandas Karamchand and Jawaharlal. It was Charles Martel, a good fighter and a good planner as well.

Writer Anwar Shaikh tells us in his present book: "...there is no doubt that the major engagement of the Battle took place between Tours and Poitiers. The French had given no cause for the Battle: its excuse was determined by Allah, who had laid on the Muslims to suppress, slaughter and seduce non-Muslims until they accept Islam or surrender and pay tribute to acknowledge their inferiority ... Abdel Rahman came face to face with Charles Martel at the junction of the Clain and the Vienne between Tours and Poitiers. Charles had studied not only the military tactics of the Arabs but was also aware of their psychology, and the factors that motivated it. He Clew that the Muslim zealots fought for booty; they called it Jehad, the most sacred fighting, because all their moral outrages were reckoned as acts of piety by Allah, who, instead of punishing them with hell-fire rewards them with the luxuries of paradise. Considering the unusual nature of the Islamic ethics, which treats vice as virtue in the guise of Jehad - a process fully committed to robbing and murdering non-Muslims, Charles adopted a very shrewd policy to beat the Muslims with their own stick.

Though half of his country had begun to suffer from domination of the Saracens, he betraved no symptoms of panic associated with haste and fear. Historians have not paid proper respect to Charles's tactful delayed preparations for the Battle. Judging by his military genius, it is not difficult to conclude that it was all intentional on his part: he wanted the Saracens to plunder as much as they could. This pillage had the in-built cover of protection for two reasons: firstly, he wanted their greed for booty to reach the point of saturation so that they had no further desire of looting and secondly, he planned to make them immobile under the buren of their plunder.

Added to the military genius of Charles was his personal courage and zeal of patriotism. The series of engagements called the battle of Tours, lasted for seven days. During the first six days, the Saracens held the upper hand but, on the last day, the fortunes of the combatants were reversed. The French, wild by the thought of their country being ravaged by the Saracens, became oblivious of the word 'retreat'. The Saracens started to lose ground. Their blood-curdling cries of 'Allah-O-Akbar' had little effect on the French and in the end Abdel Rahman was slaughtered in the battle and the Saracens became leaderless. That was a defeat that put a stop to all further incursion into France by the Arabs."

Then of course, the Spaniards rose up as one man and drove the mujahideen out of the European continent. Leaders like Gandhi or Nehru could never have done that. In any event, both were too Islamized in their personal lives, and upbringing; the spirit of fighting like Charles Martel and his followers had, was totally absent in the case of the Hindus of India under wrong leaders.

This book by Anwar Shaikh when read along with his earlier work, ISLAM and HUMAN RIGHTS, tells us the complete story of the why and wherefore of the toll of the Hindus of India. Our Gods have not quite fosaken us as yet; the proof is the presence of Mr. Shaikh amongst us when we needed a sense of direction. Hindu has given up reading his past history; he does nor even record it properly We need to catch up on many fronts and time is in short supply! Let us learn from Mr. Shaikh's valued words!

(The Publisher)
Texas, USA.
Divali, 1999.




This is Jehad


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