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by Anwar Shaikh

This is Jehad!

Brutalities committed on Hindus in East Bengal in 1971 are without parallel in human history. In many cases a whole community was encircled. Mothers and daughters were raped on a mass scale, in presence of brothers or fathers. Breasts of elderly ladies were chopped off. Pregnant women were disemboweled, children's heads were smashed on the floor. Then followed chopping off of genitals, gouging out of eyes, and finally chopping off of heads of male members. As a grand climax everybody was put in a house and the house was set on fire. And the same demons have reappeared as Satan incarnates at Kargil and Batalik. We need to take care of these beasts before they can do further harm.


Table of Contents

Publisher's Foreword
Jehad and Paradise
Jehad and Civilization - 1 (The Battle of Badr)
Jehad and Civilization - 2 (The Battle of Tours)
The Spiritual Arab Imperialism


And they say: None entereth Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian. These are their own desires. Say: Bring your proof  (of what ye state) if ye are truthful.
(Surah II - The Cow: III)
The present publication is a continuation of the Author's previous work titled ISLAM and HUMAN RIGHTS with special emphasis on what is vaguely known as Jehad among the unbelievers. This publi-cation, for the first time, lays bare Jehad as it truly is, a mighty pillar of Islam and without which Islam would lose a major part of its grandeur, greatness and raison d'etre.

The normal civilized behavior of mankind loses its meaning when put under the measuring devices of Jehad. Thus, for a mujahid or jehadi, it is not only required to slaughter the unbeliever, even a peaceful unbeliever, kidnap and rape his women, enslave his children, all for the only reason of his unbelief Allah has already divided mankind into two parts: the be-lievers and the unbelievers. One is Allah's party and the other is Satan's party and an unending war between them is ordered by Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah. And in this war, there is no established acceptable conduct, comparable to what is stated in the Mahabharatam, at the time of the great battle of Kurukshetra. In Allah's battle, anything goes and no matter who wins on the battle field, the members of Allah's palm are sure to win. They are the ones who will enjoy the damsels in Paradise and their oppo-nents, however just, will burn in Hell fire.

The subject is immense and it is where the Mo-hammedan writers of India, work overtime to cover up the truth of the subject in order to keep the igno-rance level of all non-believers at the highest level. Do not be surprised to hear new explanations of the conduct of the Mohammedans in our land, it is all a game of bluffing the sinful kafirs for bluffing the en-emy kafir is accepted by Muhammad and Allah for the simple reason that all war is deception and thus deception is what the Musalman does at the outset and follows the example set by the Prophet. They have new meanings for mutilations of a live captive enemy jawan, or gouging out of his eyes; Allah has permitted such conduct and there is no room for the Geneva Conventions. In fact, it is not even necessary for the Musalman to take part in international bodies like the United Nations. All their obligations are totally fulfilled as long as the umma goes by the laws of the Sharia'.


ISBN 1-880628-19-8
First Published in 1999
All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without permission of the publisher.

Published by:
A. Ghosh (Publisher)
P.O. Box 631048
Houston, TX 77263 (USA)


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