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This is Jehad!

This is Jehad!

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The concept of Jehad has been presented by Islam as "a holy war in the way of Allah," as well as, "a defensive struggle against unbelievers".

There is no truth, whatever, in either of these assertions. History clearly demonstrates that it is an absolutely aggressive war against non-Muslims, who refuse to accept the Islamic faith and want to worship God the way they like, but this is not acceptable to Allah, who does not acknowledge the veracity of any other faith and ardently desires to eliminate all other beliefs along with their followers.

A close examination of the doctrine of Jehad reveals that it is also a gross insult to the concept of God because it depicts Him as a blood-thirsty Autocrat, who decrees murder, rape and pillage of infidels on a permanent basis for the sheer 'crime' of not believing in Him. Even more baffling is Allah's claim to be "the Creator and Almighty" despite the fact that people are born as non-Muslims, whom He hates, and finds it necessary to annihilate or convert them through the process of Jehad, which is the most heinous, horrendous and high-handed behavior in human lexicon. If Allah were really a competent Creator, He would have created all humans as Muslims to obviate the need for such atrocities that His followers are required to commit as Jehad.

Again, as Allah depends on His followers, the Muslims, to do His bidding, He cannot be Almighty. He seems to be part of the design of the Prophet Muhammad, who wanted to create an Arab Empire where his word must rank as the law, and his person as the Holiest.

The Arabs are indebted to the Prophet for his plan of personal glory, which seeks to make him Divine, Dignified and a Deliverer through the elevation of his nation, the Arabs. Such a marvelous scheme of nationalism Islam is, that to begin with, it created a huge secular Arab Empire but when it fell, it converted itself into a spiritual Arab Empire like the larva that is destined to change into a butterfly!

The contents of this book may not appeal to the taste of the faithful at first sight. However, if they show due consideration, they may find in these pages what their sense of national honor has been seeking for a long time, but the personal interests and bigotry of their priests, poets and politicians have stood in the way of adopting the right approach. Yet these people claim that the Koran wants the truth to be supported by arguments (2:III) and not coercion (2:255).

I hope that the Muslim divines shall demonstrate the courage of their convictions according to these quotations. There is a desperate need for an open debate on the subject. Any further delay, shall accelerate the degradation that such anti-human beliefs have thrust on the people of the Indian subcontinent, who deserve a lot better than the cruel effects of Jehad, which cleverly promote Arab-worship, correspondingly demoting respect for the local traditions. Jehad, in fact is a declaration of war against the Indian subcontinent by her own people. Allah is obviously the greatest of all strategists!

Since time for pussy-footing has gone, this essay has necessitated the diction which is direct and even displeasing. Then, no medicine is ever tasty enough to rank as pretty, pleasing and praiseworthy; it is always held as distasteful, disgusting and deplorable, even when in effect, it proves to be a panacea for curing the deep-rooted ills.

This short discourse does not intend to insult the faithful but seeks to serve the cause of humanity, including the Muslims. It traces the purpose and nature of Jehad in the first chapter, describes its significance as the Guiding Principle for founding the Arab Empire in the second chapter, and in "The Battle of Tours," it narrates what would have happened to human civilization if the Arabs had not been stopped in the West.

It is an act of absolute madness to use the device of Jehad in the age of Atom bomb for converting people to Islam or solving international problems. Time has come when reason must replace violence.

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This is Jehad


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