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Islam: Sex & Violence

Table of Contents

Islamic Concept of Sexual Psychology
Manipulation of Womanhood
The Prophetic Attitude Towards Fair Sex
Islamic Harems in India
Sex After Death 
Jehad And Paradise
Jehad And Civilisation - 1 (The Battle of Badr)
Jehad And Civilisation - 2 (The Battle of Tours) 
The Spiritual Arab Imperialism

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Islam: Sex & Violence



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It is claimed that Allah is the Creator, who has created man to embrace Islam, the true religion.

Since out of six billion people, who inhabit the earth today, just about one billion of them, call themselves Muslims, and the rest are opposed to this faith, Allah has, obviously, failed as the Creator.

To make up this deficiency, He incites His followers to wage a holy war against the infidels and affirms massacre, plunder and enslavement of their women and children as "good and lawful." Since such acts are considered atrocious even when measured by low standards of morality, one wonders if Allah is really Divine.

The situation is exacerbated beyond description when paradise, the abode of most luxurious sex, is declared as the reward for this unholy violence against humanity. This is called Jehad; it led to establishing a Secular Arab Empire, which eventually turned into a Spiritual Arab Empire as naturally as a larva changes into a butterfly.

A glaring example of this fact is to be found in the Partition of India, which took place during 1947. It was not brought about by the Arabic sword, but the zeal of the Indian Muslims to carry the yoke of the Spiritual Arab Imperialism voluntarily!

Besides sex and violence, Islam seems to have a third approach, which is rational. It declares that there is "no coercion in religion" (2:25 ) and the truth must be vindicated by proof (2:III). If the Muslim can prove that the contents and conclusions of this book are false or far-fetched, I shall be honour-bound to apologise publicly; otherwise they must hold their peace and rethink about the divine origin of Islam.


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Islam: Sex & Violence


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