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Islam: Sex & Violence

Table of Contents

Islamic Concept of Sexual Psychology
Manipulation of Womanhood
The Prophetic Attitude Towards Fair Sex
Islamic Harems in India
Sex After Death 
Jehad And Paradise
Jehad And Civilisation - 1 (The Battle of Badr)
Jehad And Civilisation - 2 (The Battle of Tours) 
The Spiritual Arab Imperialism

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Islam: Sex & Violence


Allah thinks of unbelievers as *"the worst animals" and thus declares Himself to be "the enemy of infidels." So odious is His detestation of those, who do not believe in Him, that He orders their murder and pillage on a permanent basis. To complete this most horrendous plan, He offers for these misdeeds rewards of paradise, the most luxurious place for the choicest carnal pleasures. Thus, sex and violence rank as the two pillars of the Islamic faith.

Readers ought to bear in mind that the basic belief of Islam is that Allah is One and He is "the Creator, Almighty and All-knowing." If this were true, He would have created everybody a Muslim. Since this is not the case because people are born as Hindus, Christians, Jews, atheists, etc., converting them through violence and sexual bribe, cannot be the Divine approach. Still worse, a person who believes in God alone, does not rank as a Muslim, and deserves the punishment of hell-fire. To qualify for paradise, one must believe in Muhammad as well. Obviously, Muhammad is as great as Allah.

In fact, Allah is just a figurehead and Muhammad is the real driving force behind Islam because it is he, who is the Model of Behaviour, which must be closely followed by the Muslim, and it is his Intercessory powers, which get people into paradise, abounding in lewd festivities. One must also note that Muhammad is "the Mercy for all beings" whereas Allah, despite claiming to be All-Merciful, is the Creator of Hell, which He is committed to fill with infidels. How self-contradictory the person of Allah is!

Murdering and robbing innocent people is the greatest evil that there can be. What is even more baffling is the fact that Allah calls such atrocities as Jehad (the holy war), declares pillage as "lawful and good" and offers paradise as a reward for such abominations.

When we analyse the scheme of Jehad, the holy code of violence, and its reward i.e. paradise, the most luxurious place for the choicest sensual merriments, we realise that sex and violence are not isolated concepts but integral parts of the well-meditated Islamic Sexual Psychology, which seeks to exploit man's weakness for libidinous delights at the expense of feminine rights and dignity.

No God shall resort to sex and violence for securing followers. This is blasphemous for being injurious to the concept of Divinity. It is simply a Muhammadan plan for building an Arab Empire.

Islamic Sexual Psychology may be a new discovery, because it is being discussed as such for the first time in this book, but as a fact it has always been there. To establish this truth, I have avoided all those references, which may be construed as misinterpretations. Since the purpose of this dissertation is not to forge lies, but serve the cause of public good, it is hoped that the Muslim scholars shall respond by acting according to those Koranic verses, which suggest that the truth must be supported by argument ( 2: 111 ) and not coercion ( 2: 255 ).

To demonstrate my sincerity in the project, I ought to declare that since this book has been written and published for public good, it is not intended for sale.

Anwar Shaikh
Cardiff. U.K.
1st September, 1999.


Islam: Sex & Violence


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