The KORAN and the KAFIR
by A. Ghosh









The KORAN and the KAFIR

Table of Contents
Of Kafirs and Zimmis
The Koran on the Kafirs
The Koran's Promises
A Moslem's Conduct
The Koran's Warnings
The Koran on Loot or Spoil
The Koran and Moslem Women
The Koran on Food, Alms, etc.
Islam in Action I
Islam in Action II
Islam in Action III
Imperialism in the Garb of Iconoclasm
Slaughter and Slavery
Loot and Raid
Murder and Mayhem
Some Special Aspects of Islam
The Mullah and the Mosque
Islam at the Cross-Roads
A Word of Caution to the Kafir Hindu
A Short Life Sketch of Muhammed
Temple Destruction by Aurangzib
The Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya
The Dead Hand of Islam 
A Glimpse of Pre-Islamic Arabia
Emblems of Islam
Taj Mahal, A Shiva Temple
Bhai Mati Dass Being Sawd Alive
A Sikh Disciple Being Burnt Alive
Bhai Dyala Being Boiled Alive
Guru's Sons Being Bricked Up


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Around 1689 A.D. the Hindu king Shambhaji, son of Shivaji, was captured by Aurangzib's men. The Hindu king was murdered along with his minister Kavi Kalash. There are many ways of killing a defeated foe. Freeing a defeated foe after the battle, like the Hindu kings used to do or the Indian government did when they freed without trial the criminal elements of the Moslem Pakistani prisoners captured in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), was of course unthinkable in Islamic ethics and more so if the foe was a kafir, an enemy of Allah and the prophet Mohammed. Kafirs were killed in a more sophisticated way, the way prescribed by the Koran. Chopping a kafir's head off at a single stroke of the sword or crushing his head in a single blow was considered too mild. The idea was to make the pain last, as long as possible. Thus in Islam's hell, a kafir burns but his skin goes on growing to be burnt continuously so that the pain becomes everlasting. Death is the termination of all pains and so it must be delayed to teach a lesson and to prove without fail the greatness of Allah's religion.



One might think that such gruesome murders committed in accordance with the injunctions of the Koran are a thing of the past. But it is not so. The following incident proves it.

Bengal in pre-partition India was then being ruled by Suhrawardy, the Muslim League leader. Suhrawardy had laid a diabolical plan to destroy the Hindu city of Calcutta. One Mr. Haren Ghosh, a music teacher who used to give lessons in music to the girls of Suhrawardy's family, came to know of the plot and he informed the authorities. Calcutta was saved at the nick of time and eventually Suhrawardy came to know that his plans were divulged by his music teacher. Mr. Ghosh was kidnapped, his limbs were hacked off one by one and his cut up body was found in a box that was left in a Calcutta street. And this happened in the 1940's. Islam has not changed and those who think otherwise only fool themselves.

Even today the Sheikhs of Arabia make sick jokes when they ask their non-Moslem friends if they had a choice which one would they choose for their death: death by a single stroke severing the head or death by chopping their limbs off one by one.


The chapter on the Koran and Moslem women gives us some idea on Islam's injunctions on Moslem women. They should cover their bodies from head to foot. Khomeini's Iran forces the women to go under the 'chador'. They must not go outside to work where other men might see them. They may not be rulers or judges in an Islamic state. Women lawyers are frowned upon in today's Pakistan which is an Islamic state.

But such regulations are valid for Moslem women only. The non-Moslem or kafir women are to be handled differently, as the Islamic codes are not birding on them. The kafir women are considered to be the property of Moslems; they are their 'slaves'' and the wife or daughter of a 'zimmi' can be molested by a Moslem with impunity in a Moslem state ruled by the 'Sharia' or Islamic jurisprudence. The idea comes from the treatment meted out to kafir women who were captured in the battlefield. The first fifth of all booty went to the prophet or the caliph or whoever happened to hold the position of the amir-ul-mominin. It could be the Moslem king of the land or even a petty chieftain. This so called leader 'examined' all booty, inspected and sometimes 'felt' by touching it. The women, all of them were paraded in front of the leader, naked or scantily clad, so that the leader could make his choice. These women were NOT brought in front of the 'amir-ulmominin' dressed in 'chadors'. It was thus that the prophet himself used to inspect his captives and chose Rehana and Juwairiya' both Jewish women whose male relatives were all killed by the Moslems. Juwairiya eventually gave up her religion and married the prophet and became one of the ten or eleven wives of his harem. Rehana was a courageous lady and she did not give up her Jewish faith and so was turned into a concubine of the prophet. She thus took her place on the side of Mary, another slave woman, and a Christian, who after Khadija gave birth to a male child fathered by the prophet.

Although the number of legal wives for Moslems is limited to four, there is no limit to the number of concubines a faithful servant of Allah could have. The practice eventually gave rise to immense seraglios or 'harems' in Islamic lands. IN INDIA, THE CAPTIVE WOMEN OF THE KAFIRS WERE INSPECTED BY THE MOSLEM KINGS IN WOMEN'S MARKETS CALLED MINA BAZAARS (MARKETS OF PEARLS) WHERE NO MALES OTHER THAN THE KING AND HIS PALS WERE ALLOWED ENTRY. They used to choose their favorite girls for the night and then let them circulate among their Moslem friends.

These unfortunate women had usually a very sad end. Anyone who has visited the Mughal palaces and forts in India must have seen the steep tunnels from the 'harem' opening on to the waterway below. The women, once they were no longer required, were dropped through these tunnels the head first. Near the bottom of the tunnel, just above the waterline, is a big boulder which is supposed to be struck by the head when the body gets to the bottom. The kafir woman died then and there and later the body floated out at high tide.

In 1947 A.D. at the time of partition of India, the Moslems on the Pakistani side killed the Hindus and Sikhs of West Punjab. They then forced the Hindu and Sikh women to come out in the streets completely naked and took out a procession. No chadors or veils for kafir women. When the terrible news arrived in East Punjab, the Moslems of India had to undergo the same treatment and this put a stop to such dastardly behavior by the followers of Allah.

In Bangladesh, during the genocide of kafirs there perpetrated by the soldiers of Islamic Pakistan, Hindu women were taken captives and kept in the army barracks without clothes for the enjoyment of the 'believers'. Kafir women are to be treated as slaves of Moslems and the treatment is clearly indicated in the Koran and the Hadis.

Kidnapping of Hindu women by Moslem gangs was once a common feature in India. This led to many riots and many lives were lost. In Bangladesh today, it is practically impossible for Hindu girls to go out alone in the streets to attend to daily chores without being teased, insulted or kidnapped by the Moslem ruffians. The recent Hindi movie entitled Umrao Jan depicts the life of a singer named Umrao Jan. She sings very well and is a kind of high class prostitute. The movie features a number of songs and also shows how the inglorious life of Umrao Jan started. She was kidnapped by a bunch of Moslem ruffians who sold her to a Moslem woman brothel-keeper. Umrao Jan was shown to be a Moslem girl in the movie however. (But in real life most of the kidnappers were Moslem ruffians and the kidnapped were kafir women.)

A number of cases have happened where Moslems have dressed up as Hindus and then followed Hindu girls on their way to the river for the holy bath. On the way, they pounced upon these girls, kidnapped them, raped them and in some cases killed them. In many instances such incidents were unreported for fear of shame and loss of face.


Many battles were fought in Rajasthan in Northern India. The Moslem hordes attacked the Rajput kingdoms many times and the Rajputs fought back heriocally and defeated the Moslems over and over again. There never was any attack on the Moslem womenfolk or the non-combat/ants by the Rajputs. On the other hand, if the Rajputs lost in the battle, the Moslems let loose terror on the entire population. The Rajputs' houses of worship were destroyed, their women raped and carried away, their children taken away as bonded labor and all non-combat/ants murdered.

The Rajputs soon came to know the way of the Moslems. If it appeared that the battle could not be won, then they themselves killed their women and children, Masada style, and then went to fight with the Moslems until death. In many cases, the Rajput women took their own lives by taking poison and then jumping into a deep fiery pit. This was called the Jauhar Vrat or 'sacrifice of fire'. The men of course went out to fight and died to a man.

Now, the question is why did the women jump into the fire to be burnt alive when they were going to die of the poison anyway? The answer is simple. If the Moslems got hold of the dead bodies of the kafir women after victory in the battle, they would then rape even the dead bodies of these women. It was to prevent such 'desecration' of their own bodies after death by poison that the Rajput women used to jump into the pits of fire. Thus, when the Moslems finally came to the city, they did not find a single woman's body, dead or alive. A great disappointment!

Showing disrespect to a dead body is a typically Islamic trait. Displaying the cut off head, or cut up body to the public to generate terror in the minds of the public is an effective method of subduing an otherwise rebellious population. In Islamic states, one is forced to witness an execution often done in public. Lashing of men and women is also often displayed to the public and now-a-days in Pakistan they arrange a microphone near the mouth of the victim of such torture so that people at a distance could hear his cries.

Stoning to death of course has to be in public as otherwise all the furniture would get damaged.


Afzal Khan was a notorious womaniser and he had a 'haremful' of Hindu or kafir women. No one exactly knew how many women he had in his harem. It is estimated that he had some 300 Hindu women as slaves or concubines, not counting the legal Moslem wives that he wedded and divorced from time to time.

Afzal had to meet the great Hindu king Shivaji in a mortal encounter. Afzal eventually died in the hands of Shiveji and his forces were routed. It is said that Afzal Khan had a premonition about his death in the hands of Shivaji who was a great fighter. He decided to murder all his concubines before he set out to meet the Hindu king. He himself beheaded a great number of these unfortunate women.

When someone asked him, what if he returned safe and sound from his meeting with the Hindu king, this Moslem chief replied that he could procure for himself the same number of kafir women for his 'harem' on his return, perhaps even a great number and more beautiful ones in the bargain.



The Koran says in Surah IV, Verse 15 that guilty women should be confined to their house till death overtakes them. It is also called the punishment of 'char-diwari' or the ~four-walls'. In Islamic lands this is a well-known punishment.

The Mughal king Akbar once suspected a young dancer called Anarkali (pomegranate flower) of romance with his own son, Salim. He disapproved of this relationship as the old man wanted the girl for himself. He had to punish her as he would not even dare to punish his own son for this was his only Son fathered after many tries and at the specific blessing of a holy man called Salim Chisti. But someone had to be punished and so it was the poor girl.

The girl was bricked in and left there to die a slow death Even today one can visit the place where Anarkali was murdered in this brutal manner. Her tomb is in Lahore Pakistan.

The Daughters of the Hindu King Dahir

Dahir, the Hindu king of Sindh was defeated by the Moslems The women of the royal family were all raped and carried away by the ruffians after a merciless carnage. However, the two young daughters were safely taken to West Asia for the Moslem king who had stayed back in his capital. The girls were presents from the general who had conquered Sindh.

The girls were supposed to be virgins which they were. But to spite the cruel, old sex-fiend, the girls said that they were no longer virgins and that they were made to have sex with the general before being sent to the king. The enraged king got his general murdered but later discovered that the girls had lied. They were punished by being placed inside a thick wall where they were left to die.

The Sons of Guru Gobind Singh

The Sikh Guru Gobind Singh who was eventually murdered by the Moslems had his two sons captured by the Mughals. These two boys were murdered the same way.


In order to terrorise the kafirs they were murdered in other ways too with a view to generating mortal fear in the minds of the infidels. Akbar, after a victory on the battlefield, used to get hold of the more prominent members of the kafir society and impale them publicly. Any visitor visiting the dead city of Sikandra once built by Akbar, will notice structures on either side of the road leading to Sikandra, on top of which lances were placed for impaling the kafirs. The great pain and the shrieks of the unfortunate victims scared the hell out of the Hindus who were forced to watch the gruesome scene, While the Moslems howled for joy.

Another method was to flay alive the victims. In fact, this ractice is very much in vogue even today in the Moslem POuntry of Afghanistan. In Islamic Turkey too this practice was widely followed. In Islamic Pakistan, the practice has given rise to the common threat: "I will skin you alive". Truly inscrutable are the ways of the faithful!

During the reign of Abdul Hamid II, called the 'great assassin', the Turks were responsible for the torture, robbery, slaughter and rape of thouands of Armenians. The marauding Bashigazouks of this mad sultan were notorious for running down and ravishing women and girls while on horse-back. All Christian males that fell into their hands were forcibly circumcised and sodomized.

The great festivity in El-Obeid upon the defeat of Hicks Pasha's infidel army is noteworthy. The mad Messiah, E1Mahdi, built a pyramid of the skulls of the Christian army. In a well near by, they threw the sex organs of the infidels. About ten thousand Christian soldiers were thus butchered.

During the Crusades too, the Christian soldiers who fell into the hands of the followers of Allah, had their penis cut off for every true believer had to destroy the generative power of the infidel before he could gain admittance into Allah's paradise. Castration of the infidel was not only an act of piety for the Moslems but one of shame to the kafir. The infidel's head was severed and placed between his thighs, the seat of dishonor.

During Mughal rule in India, captive Hindus were also tortured by infibulation or artificial phimosis (mobri, muzzling), elongation of the prepuce or foreskin and constriction of the orifice, a painful punishment. With the Hindu women captives, often their vulva was sewed up. Other practices involved mutilation of the uterus by means of iron prongs, burning the breasts and excision of the clitoris. A VERY PAINFUL PUNISHMENT WAS SPLITTING THE PENIS OF A HINDU. THIS WAS CALLED SUB-INCISION.


Guru Arjun Dev, the Sikh Guru was murdered by the Mughal king Jahangir by forcibly making him sit on a red hot iron plate and then pouring hot sand over him.

The murder of Guru Tegh Bahadur was no less horrendous reminding one of the sceres of hell described in the holy Koran. Tegh ahadur was asked by the Moslem king to renounce his religion, the faith of Guru Nanak or Sikhism. He refused. Moslems tried to Irighten him. They brought him to the prison in a cage like he was a wild animal. Three of his disciples were murdered in front of him. One was cut in two by sawing alive as shown in the picture on page 42. Another was boiled alive in a big cauldron (See page 46). And the third was wrapped up in a blanket and then set on fire (See page 44). The last fits the Koranic injunction prescribed in Surah XXII, Verses 19-22.


The Koran tells us of boys graced with eternal youth who will attend the faithful in paradise. The practice of sodomy is frowned upon in the Koran if the act takes place between two Moslems. There is nothing mentioned about a Moslem sodomising an infidel. This seems to have the silent approval of Islam. Many European travelers and Christian missionaries, unfamiliar with sodomite propensities of many Moslems, suffered sexual molestation in Persia in the hands of even government officials.

During the Napoleonic war in Egypt, Marshal Jaubert wrote to General Bruix that: "Les Arabes et les Mameloukes ant traite quelque~uns de nos prisonniers comme Socrate traitait, diton, Alcibiade. 11 fallait pe'rir ou passer". (The Arabs and the Mamelukes have used some of our men captured by them like they say Socrates used Alcibiades. It was a case of letting them do it or die.)

Sheikh Nasr, the governor of Bushire, once said to an English missionary: "I stopped a caravan of Jews bound for Afghanistan, penetrating all forty of their females in one night. They protested that such action was an outrage, but I said the outrage was justified in that all of their offspring would be Moslems".


During the Crusades, the Christians had a rough time. Their humanitarianism made them an easy prey to the Moslem spies that had infiltrated into Christian ranks as Armenian Christians. No secret could thus be kept from the invading Saracen armies. The situation became so serious that the Christians had to take drastic action. The Christians had to employ the same cruel methods of the Moslems to get rid of the false Armenians.

One evening at dinner time, a bunch of Turkish prisoners were killed by slitting their throats. They were then spitted and the cooks set about roasting them. The camp was informed that some spies had been caught and they were being roasted on the skewer. The whole camp came running up to see if it was really true for the Moslems did not believe that the Christians, followers of the dictum of turning the other cheek, could really kill the spies that way. But behold! Nothing could be more true: the Turks were truly cooking over a hot fire. The next morning, all the spies had disappeared in horror, even without waiting for their wages.


The diabolical nature of the attack on the US embassy became apparent after the fact. Some Moslems had attacked the holy shrine at Mecca and this enraged the Moslems of Pakistan against all non-Moslems. They just assumed that the attack was organised by the Americans. The following extract from Masurashram Patrika of India dated March 1982 will make one shudder in horror:

"A typical Pakistani Islamic reaction reported in American papers was that while some Pakistanis themselves mounted an attack on the Kaaba, their compatriots back home, apparently angered by the assault, caught hold of some helpless American women and urinated in their mouths, obviously believing that they were in fact discharging an Islamic obligation against the kafirs and an oblation to Allah".

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