The KORAN and the KAFIR
by A. Ghosh









The KORAN and the KAFIR

Table of Contents
Of Kafirs and Zimmis
The Koran on the Kafirs
The Koran's Promises
A Moslem's Conduct
The Koran's Warnings
The Koran on Loot or Spoil
The Koran and Moslem Women
The Koran on Food, Alms, etc.
Islam in Action I
Islam in Action II
Islam in Action III
Imperialism in the Garb of Iconoclasm
Slaughter and Slavery
Loot and Raid
Murder and Mayhem
Some Special Aspects of Islam
The Mullah and the Mosque
Islam at the Cross-Roads
A Word of Caution to the Kafir Hindu
A Short Life Sketch of Muhammed
Temple Destruction by Aurangzib
The Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya
The Dead Hand of Islam 
A Glimpse of Pre-Islamic Arabia
Emblems of Islam
Taj Mahal, A Shiva Temple
Bhai Mati Dass Being Sawd Alive
A Sikh Disciple Being Burnt Alive
Bhai Dyala Being Boiled Alive
Guru's Sons Being Bricked Up


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The original Koran is written in Arabic of which most kafirs or non-Moslems have very little or no knowledge at all. There are many English translations by eminent scholars and these are readily available in the market. Three Korans have been consulted during the preparation of this book. The Koran by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall has generally been follow ed not because this is the best translation but because this is the edition that is most widely read by the Moslems of the English speaking world.

It is said that the prophet Mohammed was illiterate himself; but he was a great orator. His speeches have been collected by different scribes over the years and the Koran mat is presented to the Arabic speaking world is the true source material. However, the Koran that has been followed in this book is a genuine and true translation of the Arabic Koran that is revered by the Moslem world.

In this book, only those 'surahs' and 'ayats' (chapters and verses) have been cited that refer to the kafirs or the infidels. There are many verses in the Koran that have nothing to do with the kafirs or infidels. Also, the verses presented are in no way exhaustive; there are many more kafir or infidel related verses in the Koran conveying the same meaning or similar message for the Koran is somewhat repetitive in nature. The purpose of this book is to draw the attention of the kafirs or non-believers to the main thrust of the Koranic injunctions as far as non-Moslems are concerned.

The historical episodes have been taken from different parts of world history. However, a great majority of the episodes have been gleaned from Indian history which has been thoroughly documented by Hindu, Moslem and British his torians of repute. In India, the world had the opportunity of witnessing an unfolding drama of Islam in action, a phenome non which fills the heart of a Moslem with pride and glory but sickens the heart of a non-Moslem with utter frustration, hate and contempt. The historical occurrences, had they been taken from chapters of European history under the Moslems would have the same effect in the minds of the readers. The idea is to analyse the message of Islam and its practice and how Islam influences human behavior.

Short descriptions of different aspects of Islam's social practices, generally unknown among the infidels, have also been treated in this book. The subject is vast and cannot be fully dealt with in a short compilation as this one. The bibliography provided will be helpful for those who are willing to undertake exploratory work for their own information. It must however be borne in mind that a translation from original Arabic into another language generally spoken by infidels sometimes loses many of the salient features of the original message. Pursuit of the truth has never been easy.

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