The KORAN and the KAFIR
by A. Ghosh









The KORAN and the KAFIR

Table of Contents
Of Kafirs and Zimmis
The Koran on the Kafirs
The Koran's Promises
A Moslem's Conduct
The Koran's Warnings
The Koran on Loot or Spoil
The Koran and Moslem Women
The Koran on Food, Alms, etc.
Islam in Action I
Islam in Action II
Islam in Action III
Imperialism in the Garb of Iconoclasm
Slaughter and Slavery
Loot and Raid
Murder and Mayhem
Some Special Aspects of Islam
The Mullah and the Mosque
Islam at the Cross-Roads
A Word of Caution to the Kafir Hindu
A Short Life Sketch of Muhammed
Temple Destruction by Aurangzib
The Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya
The Dead Hand of Islam 
A Glimpse of Pre-Islamic Arabia
Emblems of Islam
Taj Mahal, A Shiva Temple
Bhai Mati Dass Being Sawd Alive
A Sikh Disciple Being Burnt Alive
Bhai Dyala Being Boiled Alive
Guru's Sons Being Bricked Up


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Murder is an important element in Islam. Murder of the kafirs is of course sacrosanct and approved by the Koran. Murder of the priests of the Kafirs' faith is even more honorable.

In recent times Moslem fanatics have murdered or attempted to murder many religious men of other faiths. Among the Hindus, the famous monks Swami Shraddhananda, Swami Dayananda, Ram Bholey of Mathura, Swami Prakashanandaii of Bangladesh have all been assassinated by Moslem fanatics.

The attempted murder of the Pope is well known. The assailant was a Turk.

Moslems also murder those among themselves who in their opinion are not Islamic enough. Thus we have another set of murders. Mujibur Rahman, Ziaur Rahman, both of Bangladesh, Abdus Samad Khan of India, Liaqet All Khan of Pakistan, Anwar Sadat of Egypt, King Abdullah of Jordan, the Liberal P.L.O. leader Sartawi, fall in this category.

The murder of the Sikh Gurus by the Moslem kings of India is also well-known.

When a Moslem murders a kafir, in the eye of Islam no crime has been committed. When, in 1910 A.D., Boutros Pasha was murdered by an Egyptian Moslem for no personal provocation but for the political reason that he had presided over the court that sentenced the Denshawai villagers, and the guilt of the murderer was conclusively proved by evidence, the chief Kazi of Egypt pronounced the judgment that according to Islam it is no crime for a Moslem to slay an unbeliever. Thus we see a criminal like Idi Amin of Uganda getting a safe haven in Saudi Arabia.

There is another kind of murder practiced by the followers of Islam. Aurangzib killed his brothers, imprisoned his father, poisoned his own son and nephew, all for the throne really, but Allah's help was beseeched in every case. When an Iraqi kills an Iranian, he is fighting for Islam, for in his eyes the Iranian is an infidel.

Chopping off of limbs, skinning someone alive, gouging the eyes out or pulling out the tongue are very much practiced in Islamic countries. If the incidence of meting out Such punishment is a little reduced today, that is entirely due to the public opinion in non-Moslem countries. Any criticism of Such barbaric acts is often taken as undue interference by kafirs in the internal affairs of an Islamic state.

The assassination of Robert Kennedy, the Jewish athletes in Munich, etc are common knowledge. Terrorism and Islam seem to go so well together.

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