The KORAN and the KAFIR
by A. Ghosh









The KORAN and the KAFIR

Table of Contents
Of Kafirs and Zimmis
The Koran on the Kafirs
The Koran's Promises
A Moslem's Conduct
The Koran's Warnings
The Koran on Loot or Spoil
The Koran and Moslem Women
The Koran on Food, Alms, etc.
Islam in Action I
Islam in Action II
Islam in Action III
Imperialism in the Garb of Iconoclasm
Slaughter and Slavery
Loot and Raid
Murder and Mayhem
Some Special Aspects of Islam
The Mullah and the Mosque
Islam at the Cross-Roads
A Word of Caution to the Kafir Hindu
A Short Life Sketch of Muhammed
Temple Destruction by Aurangzib
The Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya
The Dead Hand of Islam 
A Glimpse of Pre-Islamic Arabia
Emblems of Islam
Taj Mahal, A Shiva Temple
Bhai Mati Dass Being Sawd Alive
A Sikh Disciple Being Burnt Alive
Bhai Dyala Being Boiled Alive
Guru's Sons Being Bricked Up


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Arson or burning the property of the kafirs, their houses of worship, their seats of learning, universities and libraries is advised by the Koran. The famous libraries of Alexandria in Egypt, Nalanda in India are notorious examples of arson practiced by the followers of Islam.

In recent years, the Moslem army of Pakistan resorted to wide-spread arson of Hindu homes in Dacca and other towns of the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Even some Bengali Moslems were not spared for in the eyes of Moslems, anyone who is against him, can be called a kafir and then such barbaric practices get the blessing of the mullah, the representative of Allah. It is common knowledge that the Iranians call the Iraqis, infidels and vice versa. It is truly ingenious how Allah is made to support anything that the believer wants to do for his own satisfaction.

Arson has primarily been used by the Moslems to terrorise the kafirs and weaken them. There is no other inherent quality in such naked destruction of property. Making the kafirs suffer in itself is a holy duty in Islam.

Arson is used frequently by Moslem fundamentalists in countries where they are in a minority. They often burn trains and buses in the streets to show their displeasure with the infidel government of the majority community.

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