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Liberty - A Humanist Magazine

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LIBERTY: A Humanist Quarterly

Liberty is a humanistic journal, but with a difference: it treats man not only as the measure of all things but also the development of human potential as the ultimate goal of existence itself.

Humanism is usually ascribed to the 14th Century Italian humanist, Petrarch, whose writings provided a considerable impetus to the spread of Renaissance. However, in our times, though it is still opposed to the religious dogma, fundamentalism and sectarian hatred, its criterion of free-thinking has lost its lustre because atheism has become its integral part. It cannot be the proper development of free will, which may lead to both atheism and theism. Liberty of thinking demands that a person has the right to come to his or her own conclusions without losing human dignity and the values associated with it. Humanism is not just a process of abstract reasoning but a system of moral value, which seek to raise man's conduct to match his rational greatness because, in the long run, it is not a person's intellectual magnitude but his character that counts. Love of mankind and belief in human dignity, coupled with respect for reason, is the only faith that a humanitarian needs.

Man has a goal but it is not imposed from without. It is self-directed and forms an integral part of human nature.

What is man's goal? It becomes evident when we realise that the universe operates on the principle of uncertainty, which is a form of mystery. Even greater mystery is associated with free will than anything else; change of dust into atoms, atoms into cells and cells into humans, clearly indicates that the universe is involved in a struggle for self-improvement. Man seems to be its peak, and is denoted by his free will. Is man really the apex of the universal improvement? It cannot be; man is still imperfect. Therefore, the process of universal self-improvement must continue until it reaches the stage of perfection which the writer calls "Godhead." Man, that is, both male and female members of the human species, if tries seriously through a proper conduct, is destined to be a part of Godhead. Thus, Liberty is dedicated to a new philosophy, which simply stated means: God is man and man is God. It is because the status of Godhead is accessible through being man only.

Liberty explains this philosophy through the medium of Mysticism with special reference to religion and metaphysics.

An essential part of this philosophy is the development of self or personal potential which requires a fairly happy life based on the exercise of free will. Since sexual relationships and cultural traditions have a profound effect on human sense of pain and pleasures, these two subjects wiil also form a part of Liberty. Humanity means liberty which is not possible without liberal-mindedness. 

- Anwar Shaikh


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