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Culture, The Destiny

Culture represents the cosmic tendency of self-improvement; the rise of atoms to cells and eventually to man, signifies this fact. Man, basically, is endowed with a potential of development; if he does not cultivate his potential, he remains a savage, but if he does, he becomes cultured. Thus, culture represents the refinement which results from the cultivation of one's self. Therefore, culture is the ambassador of man's destiny. Whether he will become a saint or satan, depends upon the magnitude of his cultural achievement.

The author has divided culture into the following three categories according to its nature and influence:

    1. The Libertarian Culture,
    2. The Aggressive Culture, and
    3. The Passive Culture.

Table of Contents

Culture - Part 1
Culture - Concluding Part
Wales: The Fountain of British Glory
The British Culture - Part 1
The British Culture - Concluding Part
The Islamic Culture - Part 1
The Hindu Culture - Part 2
Birds of a Feather Flock Together


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