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Sexual Conflict

Sex is the fountain of life. Therefore, life itself cannot be understood without knowing the reality of sex. Briefly stated, hell and heaven are alternative descriptions of sexual conflict and sexual harmony.

What we call sex, also happens to be the true bond between man and woman. They seek union for the gratification of sexual urge, though man is by far the keener partner in this association. Without carnal desire, they will be repulsive to each other. Thus, it can be laid down as the basic rule that the greater the sexual harmony between the sexes, the higher the expectation of mutual happiness, the goal of life.

Sexual conflict is the reverse of sexual harmony. In fact, it is a state of agony. The cause of sexual conflict lies in man's extreme desirability for woman, which goads him to have her at will, and the natural advantage that this male erotic compulsion gives woman, and thus acts as the fountain of Feminine Might. This is what gives birth to sexual conflict: man, wishing to subordinate her to his will, and woman trying to assert her natural superiority. 

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