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Of all values, free speech is the most precious. It is an integral part of free will, which distinguishes between a human and subhuman. Britain has led the world in the development and advocacy of free speech. This virtue is the mark of honour for this great country but now it is under constant attack by the Muslim fundamentalists, who are eager to issue fatwas against libertarians to deprive them of the right to free speech. Though its true purpose is self-interest of the Muslim clerics, it is done under the pretext of insulting Islam. These fanatics issued such a Fatwa during March, 1994, against the writer, who has decided to expose the causes of the Muslim fundamentalism in Liberty, his quarterly publication. No insult whatever is intended to Islam; it is simply a challenge to the Muslim scholars to produce their reasons to the contrary. After all, the Koran advocates settling issues through argument (Cow:111). If they do, pages of Liberty are at their disposal.



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