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Not only the universe is built on the principle of uncertainty, but human life itself is based on this doctrine because we do not know what may happen during the next hour.

This notion of mystery may be held as the strand common to both the living and unliving. This is the reason that the living (humans) ardently want to know what lies benind the unliving i.e., the physical pnenomena or the universe. Therefore, man's desire to know himself in relation to the cosmos emerges as a discipline which is called Mysticism.

Though the roots of mysticism as a discipline lie in Hinduism, man's desire to know himself is universal. This is why the followers of the Semitic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam indulge in mysticism under various ruses though these faiths are principally opposed to it.

The author, Anwar Shaikh, believes that man is God and God is man. Though this doctrine is mysterious in itself, the solution emerges when man becomes a part of Godhead through good deeds. The author has propounded this concept in his unpublished book: The Universal Mystery, which is being serialised in the form of these articles.

Table of Contents

Free Will
Origin of Mysticism
Mysticism - The Universal Mystery
Buddhist Mysticism
Greek Mysticism
Semitic Mysticism
Christian Mysticism
Islamic Mysticism
Mysticism, the Vedic Legacy - Part 1
Mysticism, the Vedic Legacy - Part 2


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